IDEAS!!! (Wearables, Stamps, Pets and More) pg. 2

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Okay, so the sticky notes on my computer were getting insane so I decided to post some more accumulated ideas. Let me know what you guys think :)

Spoiler: Vehicles

Windup Mouse Toy Car
Rocket Ride ((a giant lit rocket that the qbee sits on))


Fanny Pack ((Red and Blue fanny packs worn around the qbee's waste in place of skirt))
Genie Outfit ((semi see through blue puffy pants and a blue vest; both lined with gold))
Sparkler ((Lit Firework sparkler held in qbee's hand))
Black Cat Ears
Black Cat Tail
Fake Arrow In Head ((April fools type item))
Pulsing heart sweater ((Red Sweater with animated pink heart in the center that pulses white in a heart beat like rhythm))
No Face ((Basic qbee head without eyes or emoji animation))
Inverted Qbee ((Full body outfit that makes the qbee's colors inverted))
Ref Shirt
Over-sized Clown Tie
sheep herder staff
cow ears
cow tail
cow bell
Surgical Mask
Animated Hula hoop
fire staff ((shoots fireballs))
ice staff ((shoots ice shards that temporarily freezes qbees they touch))
Red Cupid Toga
Cupid bow and arrow ((golden bow with heart tipped arrow))
Pom Poms
Cheerleader outfit


Limestone ((Similar in appearance to white marble but would also have yellow-ish streaks))
Brown Plaster and Pixel Blocks
Metal Slide ((2 parts; one is flat the other is angled. Angled slide parts will make a qbee slide in the placed direction while flat pieces will act more like ice blocks where you stop sliding shortly after movement as stopped))
Oil spill/Puddle ((makes cars shoot left or right))
smoke bombs ((clicking on the item while in inventory will show a bright green (similar to placing deeds) area having a 5 block circumference around qbee allowing the qbee to place the bomb within the area without having to be directly next to the desired space))
glass pixel blocks ((no dividing lines))
qbee bust
Time Limit Block ((Bought in cubits store; allows qbee to choose a time limit that would display over a qbee's head after bumping it. If not deactivated by a clock stopper block before time runs out the qbee will sent back to realm door/warp block/checkpoint block))
Clock Stopper Block ((stops the clock above a qbees head))
Pvp area blocks ((placed like foundation blocks))
Pvp on/off bumper ((placed next to pvp area blocks to activate or deactivate pvp, can only be used by realm owner and people with perms))
Lighter Tree Bark Blocks
Decorative Corn Stalks ((bought with recubes, dead and alive stalks))
Decorative Farm animals ((placeable animals that do not move and are in idle positions i.e sitting, laying down, or eating/head down to ground))
Decorative piles of stones/rubble
Lockers ((works like chests))
Piranha water blocks ((causes dmg when qbees touch block))
Clover Patch
Four Leaf Clover Patch ((slightly larger clover patch that has four leaf clovers in it))
Single Corn Stalks ((does not whither, for decor only))
Pile of stones/small boulders
Still farm animals ((decor animals that do not move, with standing and laying down poses))
Falling stone block ((works like any falling block except that it falls faster and causes hit damage if falling on top of a qbee))
Bubble Spouts ((can be placed in water, works like a geyser but with bubbles))


Continued Daily Tokens but with an added prize wheel that could be placed in the lobby or just somewhere everyone an easily access it. Using the prize wheel would require 5/10 tokens (not sure what the amount should be). The spaces on the wheel could be something like the following...
free spin, 3 random pieces of clothing, rare item (includes rare pets), 1k cubits, 500 cubits, 100 cubits, or a random pet (would not include rares)
Hide Names option that can be enabled/disabled while in game instead of having to log out to hide names for bomb games or parkour

Grey Slimes ((Slightly larger than average green slimes and will target close qbees. Can do a jump smash move to players to cause damage. Respawns after 10 mins and drops silver coins or a rare gold coin))
Giant Red Slime ((Produces grey and green slimes n an attack move but spawned slimes will despawn after 30 seconds. Attack has a cooldown of 3 mins. Giant slime will only start fighting after attacked first and will not move from its spot. Killing the Red Slime boss gives gold and silver coins as well as a rare chance to receive an emerald coin))
Coins can be used to buy items/blocks/cubits/recubes in a special section of the cubic shop.


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