Define Bump o-0

What is bumping? What is it used for?


  • It's to put your discussion at the top of the page
  • It's a word that we use to -as Crimzo correctly said- put our discussions at the top of the 'Recent Discussions' page. Using the word BUMP meaning bumping your thread to the top so it can reach more people. You cannot bump your threads within 48 hours of posting. It's mainly used when you want more people to see your discussion if it's not at the top of the 'Recent Discussions' page.
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    basically the order of the threads on this forum is decided by the date of commenting, the earlier the comment on that thread is the higher the thread is at that moment of the discussions tab

    basically you dont exactly have to use the word "bump" to do it, but if people dont really know what to put down one of the first go to words are "bump"
  • Oh okay thanks
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