Bug: can enter CC in mobile

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I was playing CC in a androit fhone like always and for odd reason the server "Crashed" so i rejoin but it was not letting me in to play, so i went to the Play store area and desintalled CC and reinstaled and still dosent let me play but now it says that its outdated but it ins because i just reinstalled the game :/
And interned conection inst the problem because i perfectly manage to download CC; can anywone help me it only lets me play on computer but i want to play on mobile like 60% of the timeor i need to report this to the gmail section?
Ediith: tanks to this im missing a lot of events


  • NotTheNaughtyElfNotTheNaughtyElf FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    There has been a lot of lag/buffering recently so it could possible be something within that. Maybe try within a day or two
  • KnustKnust Member
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    Sometimes this happens to me, but soon the problem stops happening, I really have no idea what causes it. But contact the problem for adms, maybe they can help you with this problem.

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