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  • umm not really, it's kind of different, you can't blame someone if it's likely the same build as yours, plus there's no profit from the action.
  • There pretty close
  • Pm Space_fetus
  • Sorry if you thought I copied you, but the only thing that is just like your house is the flashers and the candy cane sign, I can change that, but if you see that's all that's the same, the rest is completely different...

  • this cobain? hmmm
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    yes that's it, but as I mentioned before, I can even put different things there, without any problem, just that the house is totally different, the positions of the trees, items that he did not even use, ie make a mess just because of these ornaments on the front ??, I find that unnecessary, so much so that if it was me I would not even say anything, because he would have only done the same front, not the whole house
  • Just change the ornaments lol...
  • let's do it like this so I change the decorations and you end this discussion once and for all ok?
  • but ... give me an idea of something that I can put in place of these decorations, I have no creativity XD
  • he copied you just because the decorations are the same? ...
  • hey thats multiposting, edit your comment
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    @maxrein Please don't mini mod. There are forum mods to handle anything that comes up. If you see something and want to make us aware of it you can flag it.
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