Hungry bars/Starving bars

JedeeJedee Member
edited December 2019 in General Chat
Hi Peeps, just want to ask if u are agree in my idea that our qbees have a hungry bar or Starving bar below in our heart lives that we can determine if our qbees is hungry or starving, did u get my point guys? I want a update that qbees need to eat every hours depends what you will feed like example:

Vegetables: 5XP
Bread: 10XP
Cooked Foods: 20XP
Candies: 1XP
Drinks: 5XP
Like that guys xD lol

When our qbee is hungry, it will decrease the amount of speed in qbees walking xD
Effects when our qbee is starving
Yellow color (75%): 10% slow
Orange color (50%): 20% slow
Red color:(25% below): its a slow like a full inventory XDDD

So guys thats my idea to have a challenge in cc XDDD not just talking to peeps, not just selling items, not just walking around, not just mining but we need to eat xD like in real life mwhehehehehehe XD


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