Me & Honey New Event Suggestion (Christmas)

Every year Yuletide update theres no any event like egg hunt, plasm hunting etc. Why not make a new event for this year, I have an idea for christmas event, here it is :

There will have a portal in cubic town centre, bring us to a realm which have a giant pine tree (maybe 33x33 or any size u like), we have to search mines for Christmas Decorations(for christmas tree), but only could see it if near them(like easter eggs). Once u found it u can pick it up, bring it to the giant pine tree and put it on the tree. Once u put 1 deco,will count 1 like easter hunt. Maybe top 50 players win new exclusive yuletide reward which cant get from pack.

I know not everyone will have alot time to get the decorations and it might be unfair, so I thinked about we also could buy our OWN Giant Pine Tree from store (but won't be very big, maybe 3x3), u could put the decoration on your own pine tree and once u done decorating 1 ur own tree u can get surprise reward at 25th December.

Decorations idea :

Gift , Gingerbread , Snowman , Santa , Candy Cane , Ball , Ribbon (Look like big bow) , Bell , Santa Hat , Snowflake and more...



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