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Here I will keep ALL of my Ideas and Suggestions in a list. This is a way of getting rid of individual discussions with only one idea. Please feel free to suggest more in the comments and I will add them here with credits. REMINDER: There's going to be ideas people have thought of before. If you are one of those people and feel you need credit, I will give it. Just don't be salty, ey?

Pet Parrot
A little parrot that flies behind you as you walk, or maybe just hop around like the other pets. When it turns level 50, it will then take flight. The kennel will be red or maybe grey, with a parrot head as the icon. I was also thinking they could fly and follow behind you anywhere you go. So if you jump too high, walk too fast, or do a parkour, your parrot will always be with you.
Different Pet Varieties
With the doogs and meemews, especially. And if we ever get the parrots, also. Maybe a black dog, or a brown dog. As for the cats, a calico would be nice. Also a blue (a Russian blue, it is a greyish blue color, for those who don't know cat fur colors). For the parrots, a budgie, African grey, blue and gold macaw, and severe macaw. Also, this wouldn't be individual pets. I'm thinking every time you place it you get a different pet color.
In the cubit store for 50c each. They come in every color of the rainbow and be available for dogs and cats. I was going to suggest collars as well but realized pets also don't have necks and are so small you probably won't be able to see the collar anyway. The end of the leash will be on your free hand that doesn't normally hold anything. If you jump too high, walk too fast, or do parkour, you will drop the leash and your pet will do the classic sad face. Your leash will be returned from your hand once you walk over it.

You could take pictures of either your qbee, pet, your qbee standing next to your pet, a group of pets, or a group of qbees. A little camera button would appear on the top right corner of your screen. You tap it, and a list of options would be shown to you. These options would include:
-My Qbee
If you chose this option, your photo will automatically be placed in your inventory.
-My Qbee and my Pet
The same as the "My Qbee" option, but with your added pet.
-My Qbee and other Qbees
This option would take you to another pop-up that offers all of the other people in the room. You chose as many as up to 9, not including yourself. After you chose, your photo will be delivered to your inventory.
-My Pet and other Pets
The same as "My Qbee and Other Qbees" but
-My Qbee, My Pet, Other Qbees, and Other Pets
A photo appears in your inventory. You can hang it up in your home or shop as an item. These would also be good for screenshotting and using as profile pictures in the forums or discord. There would be an unlimited amount of photos you could take. Other people could not take photos of you and you would not be able to take photos of other people or their pets without your and their permission. If you wish to take group photos, you will You can trash your photos in a trashcan or drop them anywhere and they would disappear after 20 minutes.
Picture Frames
There would be the classic black squared frame, golden fancy frame, or silver fancy frame. This would add individuality to your photos.
Photo Albums
A placeable book you could "open" which opens a sort of chest, a spot to enter all of the photos you take.
Sendable Packages
Feet Mats
A black foam mat that would be placed on the floor and allow qbees to walk on them.
Pets cannot jump over them or the fence it is attached to and they automatically open when a qbee walks into it.
Chest Insert for Radios
The same old radio item, but it becomes a chest so you could actually place your favorite toons in it. When one song is played, it goes to the next song so that it is a playlist.
Business Cards
((this will be available in the cubit store for a small number of cubits, and like the farmer pack, can only be bought one time per qbee. Once a qbee has bought the card, it stays in your inventory in an unused slot. Yes, it takes away from one slot but one doesn't make that big of a difference. Once bought and selected, tap or click again to edit the card. Here you can select one of your realms to showcase a vending, resource, plot, or other shop or business. There would be a place to add notes, where the owner can freely imply the type of business or anything else. The card would also have an option to hollawarp to the realm. Once everything is edited, upon selecting 'done', the owner can pass around copies of the business card by placing it in their inventory just like any other item. The only difference is: you keep your own forever. As this can get extremely annoying as seen with warp crunches, the business cards will display as friend requests: "(insert owner) has passed you a Business Card! [accept] [decline]". Just like friend requests, card requests can be turned off via settings))

Miner's Hat
The good old Miner's Hat except it gives off light 15 blocks around. Although, the light would only emit while in a cavern mine. This way the power wouldn't be abused in parkours or anything (This was suggested somewhere else but can't seem to find it).
A lantern would be a holdable item that emits light 15 blocks around just like the Miner's Hat.
Wedding Veil
A hat which covers the front of the qbee's face and is see-through, just like a normal wedding veil.

I have yet to come up with any Car Ideas.

General Suggestions
No General Suggestions yet.


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    I agree the Photos! Tbh when I'm newbie I thought that camera r for screenshot xD

    Wedding veil maybe for valentine
  • JuIiusJuIius Member
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    If you had a clothing item that gave off light it would completely ruin dark parkours, and I don’t think we need a “no miners helmet block”
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    +1 for photo , but always a limit or people just keep take photo and sell them . Maybe 500c for 5 blank photo sheet
  • Robot UnicornRobot Unicorn Member
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    Sorry for the lateness but maybe the hat will only emit light when in a cavern mine, but be normal everywhere else. That way it won't be abused and only used for the intended reason. Thanks for the comment, I'll add it to my thread.
    JuIius said:

    If you had a clothing item that gave off light it would completely ruin dark parkours, and I don’t think we need a “no miners helmet block”

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