Can't sit down (possibly due to chairs next to the tables)

On some of the chairs, I can't seem to sit down any more.

In particular the fancy chairs and the new turkey chairs seem to be giving me issues. I've also noticed that it's when the chairs are set up at a table. I've not tried to move the chairs away from the tables to see if I could sit on them. Will try that next time I log in. But it does seem like other things that I can sit on that don't have a table in front of them, seem to work fine (sofas, park benches, etc).

I initially thought it was because I was wearing a backpack, but even when I changed, I still can't seem to sit down on them. I want to say I could sit with the backpack on the park benches, so it's probably not the backpack.


  • Its a bug i've reported to dev so hope they fix soon
  • I tried sitting down in a turkey chair (it wasn't next to a table) and it didn't let me
  • The poor developers. They keep adding ‘fixes’ and they don’t work.
  • I sometimes can’t sit on sofas, I had to exit and reload the game again to fix it. Relogging works-ish but doesn’t work all the time.
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