Mods not doing there jobs

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WhimsicalFirefly Is Not doing her Jobs she has muted me for no Reson and Other Qbee’s She is Not Doing her Job When Ashe should be Muting Scammers and Doing her JOB She’s Not I am Really Mad That Scammers Are Geting away well Us innocent Players Are Geting Muted She Needs To Lose HER Job I do Not Have Anything against her Nor Do I hate her I just Want Mods That will do There Job and She is not one of the Mods that will!!!


  • Maybe it's just a mistake dont worry, and they need time to solve cases, they're not online for 24 hours if u know.
  • In all my years of playing cubic castles(July 2015 player) there’s ALWAUS been a head on for mutes. No mod has accidentally muted someone for no reason.
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    First of all, I am not the one that muted you today and I'm sure there is proof to support the mute you got. Second this is not the place for this conversation.

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