Drawing Contest [RESULTS]

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Yup, I’m joining the trend of getting people to draw profile pictures for cubits. And for those people who didn’t win that first place or didn’t win any c at all, maybe it’s your lucky day!
I’m giving 6k EACH for TWO profile pictures, one for me and for a friend. And no, you don’t have to do 2 drawings, you can pick whoever you want to draw between the two. Unless you want a challenge and do both!
I’m choosing TWO best drawings from TWO participants and both can win 6k each. Or maaaaybe I might choose TWO best drawings from ONE participant and can win 12k. We never know...? Also, I prefer digital art! And to those who were planning to draw on paper, maybe next time? :<

By two mean as in two seperate drawings, not two qbees in one drawing but TWO separate drawings. :>



Step 1:
Comment on this thread saying you would like to join the contest.

Step 2:
I’ll DM you the outfits.

Step 3:
Well uh... start drawing and DM me or post your finished drawing! :D



First Place: 6k or 12k

Second Place: 4.5k or 9k

Third Place: 3.5k or 7k



December 11th!


  • Punpudle = 12k [Won both]
  • Avachuela = 9k [Won both]
  • Sebz! = 7k [Won both]



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