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Ok, I'm back (for now at least) and I had some questions about the new stuff in the game: (Please label your answers 1, 2, ect. for which question you are answering)

1. Monster Mash, making the pets, is this a permanent thing or will this be removed in a couple weeks?
2. Someone said that it's like you get 1 monster mash for every 1,000 blocks. Is that 1,000 blocks mined, or can those be blown up? and that leads to my third question
3. Off the topic, but let's say I blow up 100 blocks with bombs. Do I still have the equal chances of getting a dehydrated cube compared to mining. Like e.g. I blow up 10 blocks instead of mining 10 blocks. Do I still have those 10 chances of getting something despite me blowing them up?


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    1. Kewberth stated the event will end a few days after Halloween.
    2a. It's not a 1000 blocks, it's a lot less, around 200-300.
    2b. You can use bombs too.
    3. You still have the same chance to get a dehydrated cube. I often got an item and a cube at a time using a bomb.
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    Thank you very much @DoodleDog
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