Is the new pack staying?

CubicPencilCubicPencil Member
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I'm wondering if it will stay or not since the sci fi stayed. So will it soon be taken off and the pet prices sky rocket?


  • bitibiti Member
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    its an annual event, it won't stay (:
  • RedTheGreatRedTheGreat Member
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    As biti stated, the packs are an annual event and will get removed sometime after Halloween, and the pet prices will rise, although they don’t come in the packs, they are obtained from the new Halloween event, which as stated by Sir Kewberth will be removed around the same time as the pack.
  • BlasphemousBlasphemous Member
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    these pets wont rise more than 3k. Too many of them. Maybe mutant hopper is the only one who could rise.
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