The aftermath, and update!

Hey guys, How've y'all been doing? I've been doing just fine on my end, and admittedly yes, this is me, LateCom, after that second time of trying to get my account back, but to no avail. I understand that the majority of the people here are either people that hate me or people that do not with to be associated with me at all, but, just hear me out ok?
It's been what, 4 months since I left? And I've just found a way to live my life to the fullest than to spend over 2.7k+ hours within a year or two confined in a room that I would be endlessly warped in.
Either way, I haven't been hearing from a lot of my friends lately, but would love to hear about your time since I've left, because I am rather curious as to what has happened since then.
Thanks for reading, and have a nice day :)
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