BeckS AweSoME rares are supers Sale!

Sir BeckleySir Beckley Member
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1. Ginger bread head 6.5k each(x3)
2. Mutant hoppers lvl 4 and 14
3. New easter umbrella 60k
4. blue and white scarf 11k SOLD
5. snowman costume 5.3k each(x2)
6. lvl7 chick pet 95kSOLD
7. easter tophat 4000c each (x1) SOLD
8. dark angel wings 11.7k
9. Pumpkin backpack 16k
10. penguin pet 7k
11. east orthadox hat 7k
12. mummy shirt 2.5k
13. princes hair 2.5k
all of these items are in BeckS shop & forums shop

BuyiNg List
1. Blue and white scarf 8k each
2. red Hipno Shadez 6k each
3. Adding....



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