Glader Labyrinth!

JuIiusJuIius Member
edited October 2019 in Player Events & Creations
I have made a Halloween event, called Glader Labyrinth, you can head on over to the realm to enter.
The realm is muted to prevent cheating
Get to the end, and slam on the guestbook to enter a raffle for 10k, a cat, or a dog!
Ends October 20th, I will use a random number generator to get a winner.
A compass is recommended, it is very hard without one.
Make sure to read all the signs, and then double-check, and then triple check and then continue ;)
(the pets were donated by blue penguin, thanks :)

The event has ended, the following players won:
@qbee vampire 10k
@Phoenix_wing Meemew Pet
@apollyon Doog pet
You have 24 hours to accept my friend requests in game, or I will choose new winners :)


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