New Halloween Items Spoiler

TyndaleTyndale Member
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New stuff in the files o-o

Dark Traveller Head:
Dark Traveller Top:
Dark Traveller Pants:
Mutant Meemew Kennel:
Halloween Ghost:
Anubis Mask:
Mummy Coffin:
Haunted Picture Frame 2:
Medusa Wig:
Egyptian Staff:
Web Block:
Web Wings:
Skellie Suit Shirt:
Monster Mash:
Mutant Hopper House:
Skull Balloon:
Skellie Suit Pants:
Spider Head:
Cleopatra Wig:
Dead Grass:
Skeletal Wings:
Crimson Block:
Dead Grass 2:
Mutant Doog Kennel:
Haunted Picture Frame 1:
Picture Frame 1:
Picture Frame 2:
Mutant Cat Pet:
Mutant Hopper Pet:
Zombie Hand:
Haunted Candelabra:
Mini Pyramid:
Kewberno's Mash Receptor:
Kewberno's Coupler
Kewberno's Komputer:
Kewberno's Battery:
Pyramid Head:
Kewberno's Memory:

Very cool stuff


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