Many ideas for CC

.Lately I have seen that Cubic Castles is no longer the same as before. They could be external factors to the game or internal.

What I mean is that, the game could improve so that it had a more fun and non-repetitive dynamic.

My Options

1. Airplanes
Add planes to fly through realms and of course, as well as with cars, add a block that desactivates the planes.

2. More contests
One of the specialties of Cubic Castles is to have events that reward the player very well, but lately there have not been as many as before. My idea is that it is one weekly or per month (be it parkour, race, maze, build, raffle)

3. Update farm stuff
Perhaps the farm is one of the most innovative things that the game could have, but everyone is already the maximum level and there is nothing left to do about the farm. It would probably be better if they added another type of tractor (maybe one special for each plant, or one faster than the other). Also add more things like: animals, scarecrows, land to plant, etc.

4. Interactive enviroments
As we have seen before, Cubic Castles has added an environment called "Low Gravity". That was the best, since it had an effect on the Qbee. My ideas are to add an aquatic one that simulates how the aquatic plants would move and even an effect that you were swimming

Those would be my ideas to make the game more fun. Comment if you agree with me.


  • Here's my opinion:
    1:I don't like the idea of being able to fly everywhere across the realm. Not only would it completely break the purpose of parkours, events or whatever if there was no Anti Airplane block. But even when there was an Anti Airplane block, it would be terribly laggy
    if there were too many airplanes on a certain area. So it's a -1.

    2:Contests take time to make, you can't rush them. You could just wait for contests. Although, it would be nice to have lots of contests so it's a +0 (50/50).

    3:Barely anyone (if nobody) really cares about farms anymore, you could buy the tractor for the lowest price possible with your cubits without using thousands of recubes. So it's a -1.

    4: They would be hard to code, but it would be nice to see small animations for swimming. It's a +1.
  • My option :

    1. I kinda like it but it might make alot of lags..

    2. Agree, but there r little staff r holding the game only, kewb might need more trusted admins and mods..

    3.Yes , tree farm, paddy, sheep pet etc

    4. Yesss! +1 , Underwater build but if this stamp added then uh, it might come with the "Aquarium Update" maybe add fishes, sea animals and sea outfits
  • -Alvin- said:

    My option :

    4. Yesss! +1 , Underwater build but if this stamp added then uh, it might come with the "Aquarium Update" maybe add fishes, sea animals and sea outfits

    Then Qvillige and Qillage
    And then the Nether Stamp updtate
  • TyndaleTyndale Member
    edited October 2019
    My opinion:

    1 Maybe? If these were a thing there would have to be a block that enables them so only a few places would have them and it wouldn't ruin old realms.

    2 No, Space_fetus did events almost every week for a while and he got so much backlash from them he stopped doing them because of all the people who hated them.

    3 Yes and no. I would like it if farming was updated and there were more levels, perks, and things to buy from the rc store, but the tractor is supposed to be slower than regular cars.

    4 Maybe. A high-gravity stamp could be cool for parkours and a couple of other things, but I think it would just get annoying after a while.

    Also I love how you said "Comment if you agree with me" because the people who don't shouldn't conment
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