Your Ad Here! (Idea For A New Place)

I have been thinking about opening a realm where you can buy plots to advertise your build, shop, parkour, ect. There would be plots, and if you wanted one, you would pay me a specific amount of cubits (would depend on the time) and I would put a link door to your place. You could then add a sign saying what it is and so forth. And thought about getting like what the community shop had where u can rent out prize dispensers to put warp food, and then would have small plots to rent where you just put a sign up and it says something that you want to announce or advertise. Then I would holla as much as I could and stuff. I know that cc doesn't really have a realm that's specifically designed for advertisement and thought that this might be a good idea. Or is this idea bad and probably wouldn't work and leave me in the dust with no cubits?
The Poll
  1. What Do You Think?11 votes
    1. I would Advertise!
    2. I would come to see what's being advertised!
    3. This wouldn't really affect me.
    4. Doesn't seem like a good idea.


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