Some song lyrics I wrote YEET

I wrote these song lyrics and im practising song writing because im bored NOTE: these are sad
im new thanks if u read
Anyway here are the lyrics

2 HALVES: We were 2 halves to the same whole you were the gasoline to my flame and i was your first one true love But now the flowers are wiltings like so many times before And i hope you feel secure without me like before because there's no going back from you and i
once 2 halves to the same soul turn to empty burns of my soul so ill watch you from the corner of my eye ill watch you drift away and ill become the memories of your drea

IN MY ARMS: Could i hear you breakin down right now could i hear you calling out right now could i find the words to tell you it will be ok everythins gonna work out in the morning it'll be all better now no more fear in your heart but in mine i know that aint'e true
i know your times runnin out in this race of life o-oh I know your heart is slowly loosin blood and now i'm breakin down watching you fade away
so today ill find the strengnth to hold you up tonight and lie tell you everythings gonna be ok even tho your heart is failing fast ill spend these precious moments holding you in my arms tonight no matter how you cry now i wont break down no ill keep holding you tight living for the both of us

ALL THE WAY:I was sitting alone until you picked me up and showed me how to be who i was
And no matter how i acted no matter what i said you were there the whole way you were there all along you never turned your back no matter how i broke like glue you were there to put me back together again and no matter how i fell you were there to pick me up

So from deep in my heart i'm happy you're here i'm happy that you stayed i'm happy i met people so kind... They never stopped believing in me and tho the roads we follow are hard ill stand by you like you stand by me

FAR AWAY: I'm standing here you're standing there but with my stare all i see is an empty glare as my love falls away
Out of your arms into my cage and on this stage in your victim of love with that empty glare i stare into your soul i see my strife buried deep inside as you're standing there with out a care without the pair of you and me

ALONE: Oh a mothers love she can never have and oh her heart its breaking fast her mind it races going to unseen places oh her heart cant take it in
As unseen places empty faces distant lives as they drift away oh love it brings her home oh love it brings her to her heart your cold words bring her to he hard ground now so far from home so far from her heart and shes lying there deep within herself she lies forever more

HAND IN HAND: If i could only turn back time if i could only hit rewind would i steal your pain away
no matter whats i store for you for me for the both of us
And even tho our days are long and your hearts giving out will you still hear me-e-e through all your pain and all your doubt would you hear me calling out could you hear me calling out' as the days grow colder and your heart is older can i be the hands that lay you under the warm warm sun the nights are colder
my heart is fading out out out out

(PS ik this is the wrong section BUTT KITTY HAS AN EXcUSE i have a realm with lyrics and some of thesse r about cc so CC RELATED LALLA)


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