Homeless Fish Foundation [Hiring]

Howdy Folks! We’re just a clan looking for people to invest in. And I know you might be asking? What is the Homeless Fish Foundation, what a silly name for a clan. Well we have a whole HQ and a bank and a whole payroll system in placed. People invest in our clan and we pay our Staff to make em’. The problem is, we don’t have anyone to pay. Our clan has been around for a short amount of time. You folks lookin’ out there to make cubits? And build trust. Well apply! We’ll have 3 Mailboxes In our HQ.
Realm Name:
Homeless Fish Foundation HQ -> the 2 doors in the entrance of the building -> you should see 3 mailboxes in the lobby and vending machine with letters it cost 25c to apply.

What Our Clan Does?
Well we invest all our money into giving away items. And we need to people to help us do that. We’re a clan that helps newbies on learning the game and learning the rules. We’ll soon have a realm for newbies to go to when in need of help and need of tools and clothing to start off with. Pretty much a cubic castles for dummies realm :).
Going back to hiring!
We’ll be hiring 8 Builders and 8 Miners.
The pay does vary! But you will be paid no matter what. We do not start doing the payroll until November 10th. Our clan will re-open on November 15th-16th, If you think you won’t be active in November it’s best you don’t apply. Make sure to apply at the Homeless Fish Foundation HQ.


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