Farm issues

You now that theres a pack were you buy seeds to get recubes rigth, well when i water the seeds they apeard in the tone of "watered" but the next day 50% of my crops or less are alive and the dead ones are still whit the soil watered, basically this is doing that ech time i plant someting i get a 50% chance that it will leave or not, AND IM USING THE BEST CUALATY SOIL IN THE GAME SO FAR PLS FIX THIS


  • You have to water the plants every 23 hours before they start withering. You are doing something wrong. Are there any blocks in the space of 1-20 above the soil? Do you have any stamp on the realm?
  • darkpqdarkpq Member
    edited September 2019
    No theres nothing above the plants/seeds , and i am watering them i actually water them and i have the best cuallative soil and some plants die and some not, so its weird
  • Post a picture of the farm here, if possible
  • ok, how do i put spoilers aguin?
  • JuIiusJuIius Member
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    [ spoiler]
    And to end it, say [ /spoiler]
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