How to switch to the beta version on steam.

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So, i've seen people ask about how to switch to the beta on steam for cubic castles. Now, if i'm not supposed to be posting this because kewberth said : "We've added a beta branch to Steam. If you're using steam and you're sufficiently knowledgeable to switch to beta and you want to run the latest version of the game to test then you can switch to the beta branch." Then just tell me and i'll take this down and asked to have this closed, but for now, i'll explain things.

Also, as mentioned by kewberth, "Keep in mind that using beta software always carries some risk, so if you're not comfortable running betas and testing things then I'd advise you not do it. This is for people who are more tech savvy and who are comfortable with the kinds of issues that may come up." if you do not feel comfortable using this, then i'd advise you to not do it. Not everyone should use it if they don't feel comfortable with it or if they don't like running into issues like bugs. This is the reason (probably) why kewberth said what he said what i put above, so again if i'm not supposed to say anything about how to switch to beta then please let me know and i'll delete everything i wrote!
So, how do you get into beta? Well, it's simple

1. Open steam
2. Hover over library and click "games"
3. Find Cubic Casltes and right click over it. Go down the list until you see a tab called "Properties." Click that.
4. Look on the topbar to where you'll find betas. Click that.
5. Click the down arrow and select "beta" then press close. Check your steam library again WITHOUT opening Cubic Castles beforehand, if it says Cubic Castles [beta] by it, then you've done it.
Hope this helps, and like i said a few times, if i'm not supposed to have this up, tell me and i'll delete what i put and ask to get this closed!


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    You also have to opt into beta in general in the steam settings. Unless you already have it turned on.
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    Seems to me if they aren't capable of doing a google search of how to switch to beta in Steam (which is all I did, since I've not done a beta in Steam before), then maybe they shouldn't be messing with beta versions of games.

    Kind of you to explain it in detail...but seems like it should be the first test of if they should be messing in a beta in the first place.
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