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Hey, I think you wonder what I mean by “Cubic Castles” As title of discussion

Well this discussion about Cubic Castles!

This discussion about everything player like about Cubic Castles, and what player do in Cubic Castles, and why the player pick Cubic Castles to be one of his/her favorite game.

And you will only who tell us about everything about Cubic Castles?

Answer: No, every player will share to other info about game to make Newbie understand game.

So, I’m try to make every newbie understand game to keep in it and keep playing it without leave it from first day he play it.

So, let’s help newbie to know rules, Info about game As: (Rules, Current Events , Cubic Castles Staff). That’s will help every newbie in Cubic Castles to grow up with basic info about game and new player will see that staff of game was kind and players are helpful players so he will keep playing Cubic Castles.

Let’s treat newbie in kind way. I know most of Cubic Castles players kind to every player and they respect everyone but at any place there people not being good to newbie so they must treat them good as well.

And what reason of doing all that?

Answer: New players will see that Cubic Castles community best community over all games and that’s make Newbie share game with his/her friends.

This will help game to grow.

Also for example:

A1: Hey I’m new in game!
B1: Hey welcome to Cubic Castles, make sure to read rules of game, make sure to know game staff, also those realms names will help you to start your game As: Cubic Learning Center etc...
A1: Thank you for help.
B1: Your Welcome. You will enjoy with Cubic Castles!

And I know most players doing this kind way of talking to Newbie so let’s all do same to help this game to be better and better.

So thank’s to everyone read this discussion.
And I know all who love Cubic Castles will help this game to be better.




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