Colored exe masks!

That would be awesome if we had colored exe masks! It would be so much fun.


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  • godraxgodrax Member
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    I do not agree, since the mask is from an executioner. If so, you could add another item that would change the speech bubble to another color, but not the same item with another color.
  • xX_ThundahxX_Thundah Member
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    I may like the idea but, since its a EXECUTIONER'S mask, maybe they can change the name because there are no such execution masks that are colored.
  • AwesomesaucerAwesomesaucer Member
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  • maxreinmaxrein Member
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    i prefer dark traveler head contains black text, it would be cool for me
  • C W NC W N Member
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    i say no cuz i'm colorblind np
  • maxreinmaxrein Member
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    C W N said:

    i say no cuz i'm colorblind np


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