Anguishire's Builds (2019)

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(I wont be building anything else this year so that's why I made this post :P)

2019 has been an amazing year for me, possibly the best one yet. made friends with even more builders and even inspired some who originally weren't into building :D. Like last year, I will be posting the builds iv done this year. I hope you like them!

Sir. Pixel's Storage

The first build I made in 2019, back in January, was a storage for the one and only Sir. Pixel. This was definitely a fun one, as it was my first time ever using the steampunky theme. Also yes, one of the extractors are missing.. Pix's fault :V

Kalona's Closet

A small closet for my great friend Kalona! Built exactly 1 day after I finished Pix's storage :P. Not sure what this theme is.. maybe some fantasy ruins or something :D

Geezer's Storage

Whenever its someone's birthday, people tend to give them an item.. like a piece of clothing they really wanted. I always saw that as boring :P, so I decided to make Geezer a storage instead :D.

Anguishire's Storage

I fell in love with the steampunky theme after making Sir. Pixel's Storage so i decided to make one for myself :D. Took around 3 months, I'm really happy with how it turned out.

And thats about it! Tell me your thoughts :D


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