Mermaid Tails and Head Fins :O

B L A N KB L A N K Member
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I propose having mermaid/mermen tails added to the game!!!

The following is an example of the tails general look and colors. In game the tail's fin would stick out from the back and not from the side (like in the example image.)

Here are 3 different colored head fins; I didn't include a head fin for the grey/silver tail simply because there is already a grey shark head and a shark fin.

【let me know what you think in the comments】


  • DsBerrypawDsBerrypaw Member
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    I love this! And like the "fake halo", we could have fake tails, which come out the back, and the feet hang out the bottom. Idk, but I like this a lot
  • -Alvin--Alvin- Member
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    Mermaid party xD
  • B L A N KB L A N K Member
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    I mostly want them for selfish reasons. Can't make a "Mermaids Cove" without mermaids lol
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