Ophelia Space Station (Space Adventure Realm)

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The McCubeson family appears to have sent out a distress signal from Ophelia Space Station. Can you rescue them? Head to the realm called Ophelia Space Station!

I'm going to do a raffle with the names in the guestbook bumper at the end. 5 random qbees will win 10k each! Winners will be randomly selected after August 18th, 23:59 cc time. Thank you Sir. Pixel for donating toward this. :)

There are other prizes at the end.

Make sure you read any signs you see! Most have details connected to the story. I know the entrance is a little full of signs.

I don't know if I can ask this, but please don't hollawarp in the realm or share passwords. You're welcome to tell your friends about the realm but I'm worried a hollawarp would lag everyone in there to death. And please don't spoil the story. o-o


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