A player : TroubleHelps

so there is that person called troubleHelps. He was annoying me in my realm and I banned him for that. Later he asked me if I had any reason to ban him. he asked me like 1000 times then I said once FFS (which I use for : for fudge sake and not for what its supposed to be) then he got so triggered, that he reported me for swearing. I found out what the real meaning
ffs is, and i was like .___. bro....i didnt mean that. But it was too late. I dont want a ban because of that XD


  • This would be a question you should ask a moderator, not the forums.
  • WhimsicalFireflyWhimsicalFirefly Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    Julius is right, this would be better handled privately with a game moderator. I think the lesson here is that you cannot take a common expression and use it with your own meaning. The rest of the world does not think fudge when you say that.
  • When this happens you need to communicate to some mod or some admin, go to settings and then report abuse, Communicate what happened, I think this will help you. But if not, create a ticket.
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