iBunniezilla's Art. [Updated 30th June 2016] (finally)

iBunniezillaiBunniezilla New ZealandMember
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I'm terrible at art. Although I still try! :D
Take look at my wide variety of drawings.

I am very happy to do commissions for you guys, just ask! .3.
Spoiler: New Art

Spoiler: The NEW Kanto Elite 4

Introducing the new elite four! Hehehe...

Spoiler: Old Art

Spoiler: Ware the Feather Spy
Ware the Spy
Wherever you are, whenever. BJDWare the Sticklord can sense all the instances of Feather Hats near you.

Spoiler: Sir.Kew's Dungeon
Sir Kew's Dungeon
We enter Sir. Kewberth's dungeon. What evil lurks ahead? What treasures are awaited to be opened? Only time can tell until we find out for ourselves...

Spoiler: If SuperXtreme ever had a Pokemon...
SuperXtreme's Pokemon
If SuperXtreme ever had a pokemon... It would be this one :D

Spoiler: Commisions


Ware vs Bunz (PooKeeeMoon.gif)


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