CHARATY EVENT 3!!!!!!!! (for new players and victims of scam)

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COME AT PEN AND RENTALS TO DONATE CUBICS OR ITEMS FOR VICTIMS OF SCAM AND NEW PLAYERS I WILL BE AT PENS AND RENTALS ANYTING IS ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!! :D i hope to see you there sombody also donate a almytig cube tank you that person
charaty event 3!!
  1. Did you donated to the charaty event?4 votes
    1. Yes and i donated cubics
    2. YES and i donated items
    3. YES and i donated both
    4. NO but i hope the new players and victims of scam get their items :D
  2. Have you been in a charaty event before in CC?4 votes
    1. yes
    2. no
    3. kanda
  3. will you be in a future charaty event of mine like this one?4 votes
    1. yup i will help people :D
    2. nop i dont really care...LOL
    3. NOP i will only go if its a really good giveaway like a normal person would do :P


  • CubicPencilCubicPencil Member
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    Sounds cool, only problem is finding people who trust you with the items. Also, how do you give out the stuff to new players? Do you just secretly put them in their inventories or choose a random winner and give stuff to them with a cash reg.
  • darkpqdarkpq FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    mayby not maby yes :P belive me i have my ways to help people... ;) beliv eme i will give them items i the last ting i do... (kanda) but they will be help... i have a list of ideas on how to do that stuff belive me :P and wow people actually clikek in NOP ONLY GIVEAWAY... LOL...i should have expected that a ramdon person will clik it lol comunity expiremet... another idea dang it... another adea in my 3rd list of tings that i may do... lel
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