My Best Wishs,

Dear Cubic Castles Cummunity,

Cheers, after a long time of playing cubic castles as some of my friends know that i've been un-active for like a month..and i've made my choice up i think i dont have the time that cubic castles deserves as its an wonderful game. I've went throught some hard moments irl. Did not execpt that me playing cubic casltes will end up what im writing right know. But i honestly had an wonderful time in cubic castles with such wonderful people and wonderdul Cummunity. It was truely an big pleasure to meet all the nice people in cubic castles. My kindst wishs goes out from my heart to my friends that ive known for years of playing cubic castles. I can not promise that i will be back, but all i will say is goodbye.

Farewell Cubic Castles Cummunity! this will be my last goodbye message.

My Best wishs,

Your Player _*Alexander*_


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