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So I've noticed people struggling to sell their goods and items and sometimes spending more on hollas than they do receive on sales. I like the holla system don't get me wrong but as another method of advertising could we try to incorporate a community notice board in game. I know there are trading sections on discord and also on this forum but they are only to a select few people who are monitoring it. My suggestion is something similar to the letters system where a player has a title and a description it shows their game name and possibly realm name so players can add them to arrange a point of sale or just arrive to the vends where the goods are being sold. I feel this idea has a lot of potential players could pay to advertise so there is still revenue for the game economy and a limit of amount of ads one player can post to reduce trolling. Feel free to expand this idea in the comments.


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    There was something in growtopia like this called bulletin boards which weren’t bad ideas they just had lots of spam on them so if there was a way to control how much people posted on this it wouldn’t be a horrible idea.
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    I wish there was a market place where when we loaded our vends, they'd auto post the item, quantity and amount to the market place with a way to TP to the vend. A person's vend would get posted with all other vends globally and then buyers could price compare and the sellers wouldn't waste money on hollas. The holla system could go back to being used for events / games, not just selling items. We had something similar in two other games I used to play (though without the vends, it was a direct post to the marketplace) and it was quite successful. We could even do this without vends, but then it keeps people from visiting the other realms/rooms.
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    -Alvin- said:


    Multiplied by 10.
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