soo im seing if sombody whants to do videos whit me soon... :P

welp rigth now i literaly run out of ideas for videos that i LITERALY upload a video that its about when i have nothing to do and waiting to someting happen xD...(idk is that sad or not) sooooo mean time i tink in a new idea ... you guys help me do a vid like WE can do a video togeter like from ech perspectives like a parkur or someting the point is that we do it together :) so how whants to do a video whit me say it and i will try to be there ( #BissyLife:P) it will be fun (i hope) and interestign ting dont you tink? you can give the idea of what to do or someting like that if you want too :3 (and NO im not farming karma i dont see i point in using points now better save up so i dont really care about that...) or someting... what do you say?
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