Question about the free cubits offers in Shop

FireguyZouFireguyZou Member
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How can I make sure I get my cubits from offer? I did a offer but the cubits never popped up!
Did you do a offer and not get cubits?
  1. Did you do a offer and not get cubits?6 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • AzsimuthAzsimuth Member
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    You can't. The system is broken
  • FireguyZouFireguyZou Member
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    Azsimuth said:

    You can't. The system is broken

    What do you mean?
  • drakaydrakay Member
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    Well Long time ago it used to work I got like 30k from these offers, and when it didn’t gave me the cubits in the corner there is a button name “ I didn’t get my cubits”.

    1.You Press It, And You Say The Offer, The e-mail And What Happend

    2. You Go To Mail And There Are Some Quentin You Answer The One Is Of The Phone Number, Don't say yes to that one and you send it.

    3. Finally wait till you get another email of them telling you got em if you don’t get it in 1 week it means they discovered you didn’t do it.

    Bruh longest comment I’ve ever wrote
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