Archer's Shop is Re-Opened now!

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From now on i will be selling resources while @Gold will be selling wearables and miscelaneus and each has a shop for that.


Search in realms "Archer's Shop" then theres 2 doors the 1st one (blue) is for Resources and the 2nd one (green) is for Wearables/Misc.

Selling List:

DatArcher's List: (Resources)

-Stainless Steel [10/10c]

-Sand [30/1c]

-White Plaster [2/1c]

-Water [15/1c]

-Palm Trunk [10/1c]

-Red Fadey Foam [2/1c]

-Gold [5/1c]

-Silver [5/1c]

-Iron [10/1c]

-Stone [15/1c]

-Coal [20/1c]

-Rubber [10/1c]

-Clay Lump [10/1c]

Gold's List: (Wearables/misc)

-Robot Head [250c]

-Red Hydrated Cube [15c each]

-Blizzard Bottomless Stamp [2k]

-Kitten Ears [300c]

-Astronaut Shirt [250c]

Hope you enjoy the Shops!


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    Bump! Lowered some resources prices and added more resources.

    Edit: Restocked
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    Bump! More resources and wearables for sale in Both Shops.
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    Bump!Added Red Fadey Foam!
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