Karma sistem? Karma farming? Wut?

I read diferent discusions but i dont understand about the karma ting
Like what does it do? How do you get more? How do you use them? Were can you use them? Why can you get a warning for "farming karma"? Were is the karma store?
Im so confuse about this and how do you make the "spoil" boxes (i dont remember how to type it) and how do you copy anothers post put ig into your post and saying someting about that (the grey box when you copy another person i supose idk) IM SO CONFUSE!!! WERE CAN I GET INFO ABOUT THIS?!


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    1. Karma is only used for buying the familiar rank at the moment (in the karma store)
    2. You get more karma buy making discussions and comments (0.05 karma per comment, 0.10 karma per discussion)
    3. Like I said earlier, karma is currently only used for buying the familiar rank
    4. You use karma in the karma store
    5. I believe it's one of the rules not to karma farm (if it's not a rule, then it's more of common sense--karma farming is usually spammy, random and useless (Idk if this is the right word to use) comments or discussions)
    6. The karma store is located in between the "Activity" and "Edit Profile" options at the top of the website (this is for PC users, I'm not 100% sure where it is on mobile but I think it's somewhere near those two options if you can find them)

    And for the spoiler boxes, you can read this thread https://forums2.cubiccastles.com/index.php?p=/discussion/125/tips-and-tricks-for-text-editing/p1 (it gives info on how to use other fonts as well)

    I think a lot of this info is located in the rules, so please do read the rules :v (sorry if it sounds like I'm mini-modding) https://forums2.cubiccastles.com/index.php?p=/discussion/8/forum-rules
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  • if you are on mobile just enable the "desktop version" function.
  • Click "Full Site" at bottom of forum to find the Karma Store/ Check Karma
    Karme Farming is like spamming or talking nonsense to gains Karma.

    For Spoiler

    Example :
    Spoiler: Open This

    [-Spoiler=Open This-]Hi

    remove the " - "
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