Umm hello I cannot post my space picture on the event

divadadiva 09divadadiva 09 Member
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Here it Is (ik it’s plebs)


  • MonopolyManMonopolyMan Member
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    i can't either, must be if a mod makes a post you can't do it
  • IcyTamTamIcyTamTam Member
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    This is what I do:
    Use the comment box in another discussion to upload the picture, after the little file pops up like it normally would, click x on the little picture file, click the picture file again, and a URL for the pic should pop up in the comment box (you can delete the draft for that discussion later if the forums saved it as a draft). Copy and paste URL as a comment into the official event’s discussion :D
  • MonopolyManMonopolyMan Member
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    tysm IcyTamTam
  • Sebz!Sebz! FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    Criticize :v
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