I opened a new price list (CLOSED)

SPY C.SPY C. Member
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If you want to go the new price list then go to TR Prices.


  • sounds like a good idea +1
  • I'd like it, but it would have to be updated often.

    +1 if you're ready for the work.
  • SPY C.SPY C. Member
    I working on it. I will show you in a very short time.
  • VairenVairen Member
    +1 it's good to have a couple price list realms around!
  • JuIiusJuIius Member
    You don't seem to realize how much work it takes to run a price realm. You are constantly bothered by noobs telling you everything is off.
    Good luck I guess.
  • SPY C.SPY C. Member
    Bump You can see now new price list. Its name: TR Prices
  • SPY C.SPY C. Member
    edited August 2019
    I'll rebuild due to players' suggestions so it will be closed for a few days or weeks

    And in the process, as @JuIius said, are prices rising because of my price list or am I raising them? we will see this. if prices are rising because of me and he will be happy I can close my price list
  • I decided to close my price list because there are already 2 price lists and there are a few more price lists on the way. there is no need for too many price lists and there is no point in confusing people
  • can close this discussions
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