FARM GLICH: COW BROKEN? (At less for me)

I bugth i cow some time whit recubes and i waited so long and when i recived the milk icon i grave my milk jars (empty) i was selecting them i cliked the cow and it dint give me milk,then i waited more time and the milk sing (to now if ready to collect milk) it never aleard then i pull the block and put it back and the cow was a baby, so i waited more time the cow was an adult but it never give me my milk i was even cliking on it so i sell that one, i buyed a new one and the same problem aguin i searced youtube and i was doing all the stuff i was supose to do but it hasent work for me like Red eagle his youtube channel shows what to do to collet milk, i give the cow big space whit grass blocks, and i waited time and same problem, why is this happening? This also happens whit the chikens. Any sugestions on how to fix glich? I still try to buy ones but failed miserably (thats not a bad word)... what do i do? I dont whant to buy them i want to produce some for my less... And just to add it up i buy it from the farmer from the section were you sell your crops well i buy it from the other NPC but still wat now wait?


  • djedodjedo Member
    You dont click on cow or anything to get moloko. Just have empty jug in your inventory and stand near cow while ful jug above her head and youll get milk. people prefer to trap cows on single block so they dont move around while you milk them.
  • darkpqdarkpq Member
    But i waited a lot of time and the full jug milk has nit apperd
  • b3achyb3achy Member
    edited July 2019
    When you want to milk your cows, best to pull a block in the ground and jump in it. The cows should come to you and jump in too. Eventually, they will get the milk symbol above their head (might take a few minutes - sometimes up to 10 minutes) and if you have empty jars in your inventory, they will fill them. When done, jump out of the hole, replace the block and eventually the cows will jump out of the dirt if you leave the room/realm and come back in.
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