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So recently I got scammed all my things from UV, he might seem trustworthy but don't trust him. He is a lier and a scammer. Never trust people you don't know.

I have started a donation place where you can drop off what ever you want to help me get back up from a big fall. You don't have to donate lots of Cubits or expensive items. What I really want is resources!!! I just want marble, pixel blocks, ores, dirt, sand, and grass for the new TK Resource Shop!!!!! TopHatBrother and I have know each other for a few years and he is the best friend ever!!! He is very supportive and cares about other. So me and him is putting together a new resource shop!!! And hopefully it will be finished soon but to donate just go to TK Resource Shop and there are some donation tables that you can throw some stuff down if you want!!! RARES ITEMS ARE NOT NEEDED. XD. We only need resources lol!!! Tysm for all of your support and hope to see you guys shopping at TK Resource Shop soon!!! <3. -Kaigen-


  • What's the name of the realm? I'll drop some cubits by. And if you have no pig I'll just get an item worth that price!
  • I'm making it rn, and tysm for the support, or u can also drop off some dirt, sand, grass, pixels, or ores, all these will help alot. <3
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    Hey i understand your situation i just recently happend to me you remember someting in the past? well heres a reminder:
    Remember i was doing the charaty event :P try and find me i have stuff that people donated that you can have the charaty event i was doing it was for:
    *New people
    *Players victims of scam (but they need to be honest atless to them selves)
    So come o have stuff IN THE DONATION TABLE FOR THOSE GUYS THAT WERE TELLING ME IF I WAS GOING TO KEEP ALL AND IT WAS A JOKE, NO IM ACTUALLY SEARYS IM JUST TRAING TO GET MORE CUBICS SOON I WILL ASK HOW IS NEW (level 3 to 10 MAX and exagerating 15 or at less 16 depends on people) A AND WHO GOT SCAM LIKE YOU JUST BECAUSE I GOT SCAME DOSENT MEAN I WILL KEEP EVERYTING SO I WILL HELP THOSE IN NEED :D, just send me a friend request and i will give you stuff soon i will make a discucion to make note who are victims of scam and who are new (just dont make me cougth you liing all rigth?)
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