Pets Found In Mines???

What if there were super rare pets that you can only find in public mines?!?!? That you can only find and not buy?!?!?Examples are here:

1. Baby Dinosaur Egg / Found In Tropical Mine / 0.01% chance of spawning in each mine, aka 1 of every 10,000 mines
It's a nest, looks kind of like an ostrich nest, but with a big egg. You mine it just like any other block. You then take the nest to a realm that you own and place it. An option will show up that will say (Hatch). If you press that, the egg will act like a dehydrated cube in a rehydrator. It will take a week aka 168 hours to hatch and then you treat it as a regular pet.
2. Fish / Found In Any body of water, so can only be found in Tropical or Forest / 0.1% of finding one, aka 1 of every 1,000 mines. It catch, you will have to take a jar, and catch it just like a fairy, however, it will be much harder since it will be swimming in water. Once caught, you can take it to a realm you own. If equipped, press on a block of water and it will release the fish and it will swim around with as much water you have in the area. This could make cool aquariums with different types of tiny fish. Any I'm not talking about big fish, about the size of a blade or 2 of spring grass(to help the lag). Perhaps the different fish kinds are just different colors. Example: red, blue, yellow 0.3% chance in a realm. green, orange 0.2% and pink, gold 0.1%

I'm coming up with some more so stay tuned for more ideas, and if you have any ideas or would like to comment on mine, feel free to!
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  • flamerockflamerock Member
    31.20 Karma
    I'd love to see pets that you can find in mines! Would make mining more popular.

    I'd love a mole pet that can only be obtained underground or in a cave!
  • SarcoSarco Member
    73.05 Karma
    Theyd eventually just become little to nothing lol
  • flamerockflamerock Member
    31.20 Karma
    Maybe make different ones only available for different periods of the year, like a polar bear for November and December
  • 14.15 Karma
    Sounds nice, except the part where it says it can’t be traded, that makes no sense.
  • MonopolyManMonopolyMan Member
    10.70 Karma

    Sounds nice, except the part where it says it can’t be traded, that makes no sense.

    @"Imperial Storm" I didn't say it can't be traded, you just can't buy it from the store.
  • KoekenbakKoekenbak Member
    8.05 Karma
    I like this idea ...sure the pets price will drop eventually but thats ok . This game does not need yet another overpriced pet .
    This game needs too keep players busy and mining for pets is a good way todo just that
    Grtz, Koek
  • VairenVairen Member
    9.65 Karma
    hmmmm... interesting!
  • T e D yT e D y Member
    5.50 Karma
    This suggestion is cool I like to have pets xd
  • darkpqdarkpq FamiliarMember, Familiar
    2.15 KarmaFamiliar
    I like the idea but what if you can get it more easily but you need to sacriface a soecific item to bring up the chances that that would b be there and how close to the portal mines ARE HUGE
  • NightbreezeNightbreeze Member
    7.10 Karma
    Yeah! It would be kinda nice to have cheaper pets too
  • CubicPencilCubicPencil Member
    21.95 Karma
    Maybe you could feed the fish to dinosuars...
  • SarcoSarco Member
    73.05 Karma
    i think have monsters/creatures in mines would be good, untameable tho
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