We need a miner bumper

Sachi-sanSachi-san FamiliarMember, Familiar
it's like a flash bumper but players can only mine and here's the twist, the owner of the realm can choose a specific block that players can only mine and grab
Example: The owner wants to remove the grass and dirt with the help of his "TRUSTED FRIEND"(if ya knowwhatimean) but the owner is scared of getting scammed again so he used the miner bumper and picked grass and dirt, so his "TRUSTED FRIEND" can only mine the blocks that are chosen by the owner
btw you might ask "how about the glasses that has items on it?" the miner bumper will allow players to mine a specific block and grab it that means only the specific block that has been chosen by the owner re th only ones they can grab
Example: the owner chose the glass in the miner bumper, then his "TRUSTED FRIEND" mined the glass with a krampus in it!
but the "TRUSTED FRIEND" can only grab the glass he mined...

The Miner Bumper is good but it will have flaws like the Flash Bumper :(
Miner Bumper useful or not?
  1. So what do you think about this Miner Bumper? useful or not?12 votes
    1. Yes, It's very useful :)
    2. No, It's not useful :(
    3. Meh, i don't know i just read this while scrolling down :V


  • MonopolyManMonopolyMan Member
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    good idea +1
  • b3achyb3achy Member
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    Interesting idea. I like it. +1
  • DsBerrypawDsBerrypaw Member
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    It would be a lot to code for picking blocks to be mined, so I'm not a huge fan of that part, but I like the idea of only mining.
  • DjedoDjedo Member
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    Rule #2 in CC: "Rule #1 DOES NOT HAVE EXCEPTION".

  • NightbreezeNightbreeze Member
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    I like the only mining idea. What if the only mineable block would the the sort of block that is directly below the bumper? maybe it would be easier to program that way? I dunno.
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