A Dream Of Space (New Parkour)

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He kept dreaming about space, he reads all the books that talks about space, he watches all the television shows about space, ... He believed space was real, yet no one else believed it. And so, on that day, sobbing and crying, he walked into the deeper part of Vurn, only to be surprised by a cubical vehicle.

Welcome to A Dream Of Space, a new parkour featuring space-themed obstacles, switches, ladders and the new items from the space pack. Hop from one asteroid to another in low gravity, pass through broken space structures and dodge the deadly lasers.

You can find the course at the overworld, or through the lobby search: "A Dream Of Space".

Beat the course and you'll receive free items including sci-fi decorations and clothing! Several races will also be held this weekend, giving out even more free sci-fi items and even rare clothing items!

I'm not a fan of space adventures, but I hope you will enjoy yourself as much as me making the course for you!

As always, tell me what you think about the course and provide suggestions. Those will help me improve my parkours in the future!

Thanks Graceful Thunder for helping me finalizing the course, as well as *Cosmo* and *Shade* for donating a large amount of prizes for everyone!

Good luck, and thanks for playing!
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    Sofa =)
  • Sir. PortoSir. Porto Member
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    why do u always say sofa =)
  • DsBerrypawDsBerrypaw Member
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    The lasers up and down were neat :)
    edited July 9 90.25 Karma

    why do u always say sofa =)

    First person in a thread win sofa =) (Pronounce as so fast)
    Second a mat :3
    Third a bench
    Else both floor :>
  • DaFrenchyDaFrenchy Member
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    Nice course, quite small tho, but good for new players.
  • CD87CD87 Member
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    DaFrenchy said:

    Nice course, quite small tho, but good for new players.

    Thanks. The parkour realm itself is already 55x55 (which is quite big by normal standard of 33x33), but the increased mobility from the stamp makes the course feel smaller.
  • darkpqdarkpq FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    I BEAT THE COURSE :D AND I REALLY LIKE IT HOPE YOU DO MORE :P (i also liked the prizes :p)
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