IM DOING A CHARATY EVENT!!! (read first)

darkpqdarkpq Member
edited July 2019 in Player Events & Creations
Im doing a charaty event for new player or player victim of scam this is for HELPING PEOPLE My clan IS "HELPING HANDS" and maby they are dead or not but i well help those in need; PLS IF YOU WANT TO DONATE GO TO "PENS AND RENTALS" And Aur leader is Jadabug I NOW DIS IS NOT INLEGALL SO THERE CAN BE JUGE CONSECUENSES IM DOING IT WHIT MY WORD IM GOIN TO DO THIS FOR 3 HRS PLS DONATE :D
want to join: talk to JADABUG.
8:42 my time: A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE DONATING ITEMS THATS REALLY GOOD!!!! but we also have only 2c from donation :( Lest hope people donate Cubics and items :D *this is a update of the charaty*
PS: when the event ends we will start it aguin in the future :D


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