Suggestion: Vending Machine And Piggy Banck Craftable



  • Your idea aren't good i will explain it, i posted the same idea around 1 or 2 years ago and none liked it thats why i say this never will be added to the game because i already tried to do the same thing ;)
  • darkpqdarkpq Member
    Ok tank you :)
  • why you crying... its just a bad suggestion..

    how ever.. go do something better on ur irl
  • darkpqdarkpq Member
    Wait what? im not crying lol
  • darkpq said:

    Ok i understand the some *Couf* all *couf* suck but at less the idea is what it matters rigth? Well if you guys still want to coment well fine by me i will just stop because i tink this as gone far ennguff, the idea and solution was there but i dint tough how people will react because maby its a super good idea (anyting not specificly mine) to
    But i learnd not everyone will be in acording even if your idea will benefit or not or nothing,welp if you are goin to still comenting here do what you im tired of figthing ( i now that my sugestion was at less for good pourposes in the end but that dosent see like the situation for other people i can still figth if i want to but at the end people will just say no and thats it you cant change their opinion if they want to i tried but is still the same not succiding) well at less i will try to tink in a good sugesting that people may tink is a good idea (at less 1) but that will be in long therms because i tink i anger some people (if not all) so i accept defeat FOR NOW... just dont be mean because it does hurt in this side wen you have a good idea and sombody comes and says that your idea suck and it will ruing everyting...welp... i dont now what to say but just imagine actually being in my place its hard to accept it but o well what can you do? Just accept it like they say: "cant beat them, join them"-by random guy idk, someting is telling me i will coment back to arguie because of sombody comenting like : " o it was about time dude yours ideas suck dude"-idk or someting like that... :P... o well i tried at less if someting i do not accept after this like i consider mean (for me i have limits and i am also human too i will coment back or if someting nice (idk) too i just give up im figthing a battle that is imposible too win...and thats a lot to say... :l

    I wasn't fighting with you, I just disagree. An idea is not bad or good, but there will be people who like it and people who don't. I used to post a suggestion here every now and then, sometimes people like it, sometimes they don't.
    If you ever get another idea , don't be afraid to post it here. Then you can see if people like it or not
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    -1. I do see a benifit with having these craftables, but the market has evolved with the use of vending machines, and the value of each vending machine is fairly stable that it would be a shocker to just change it all. Vending machines are very useful in the game, and worth the amount you are paying for it. It keeps people more engaged with trying to save up enough to afford a vending machine.
  • It would be unfair that vends will become craftable
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