How much you spend on Sci-fi pack ! And what you got !


  • We don't know if its the Sci-Fi Summer unless as im writing this, the update is installed.

    I'll be doing 50k-100k with Sir Pixel and maybe a lot more on my own. Idk.

    I'll edit my post with the best stuff I got.
  • atleast im first doing this xD
  • atleast im first doing this xD

    Facts. I'm excited to see what it is.
  • SPY C.SPY C. Member
    İ will open 50k for New pack
  • 0c and nothing. Can't afford it
  • Azsimuth said:

    0c and nothing. Can't afford it

    same, but just wait, the prices on everything will PLUMMET once more packs are open and things become more available
  • djedodjedo Member
    edited July 2019
    dasdasdasdasdasd delete this pls
  • I bought 1 pack and got a backpack
  • I've spend about 125k on packs, soon to be a lot more.

    I've gotten everything in the pack, the Cosmic Cow Head, Helmets, Shirts, Pants, Backpacks, and the scanner.

    The decoration however, I'm not sure if I have all of that.
  • 20k Got Cosmic Cow Head
  • PedrHPedrH Member
    50k in packs and I got 2 cows
  • Opened 2 packs got scanner, lunar hat (or helmet idk) and cosmic cow :^p
  • NisawNisaw Member
    I’m have spend 300k+ , get Mooner Car, 3 new pets, the other packs.
    Pack very enjoyable and very nice I’m return to game to try it.
    Good Job Cubic Castles!
  • 4.5k cosmic cow head
  • Planned on spending 50k, got every wearable (i think) including cosmic cow head at 22k so spent the rest on the environment stamps.
  • I spent 80k and got nothing good, I don't like the way the pack is formatted either.
  • 20k. I got nothing good.
  • 'Dragon' said:

    20k. I got nothing good.

  • 'Dragon' said:

    20k. I got nothing good.

  • 'Dragon' said:

    20k. I got nothing good.

  • i spend 35k on pack.. no cosmic cow head sadly lol
  • Spent less than 13k for pack, got CosmicCow Head
  • Spent about 10k (I didn't keep track but I know it's somewhere around there)
    No Cosmic Cow head, but I do like having the common space clothing items
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