Any ideas for next video? Read to understand (dont now if rigth location)

As i said i dont now if this is the rigth location but its 50-50 i gess i dont now...well here is this i manage to came back from a important exam just few dasy and how not to relaxe doing a fun video in CC? So heres come the question: DO YOU GUYS HAVE ANY SUGESTIONS THAT I COULD DO IN THE NEXT VIDEO? Any adias will be considerated and it will be 12 min long my channel is Supergamer6622 i upload diferent stuff about other games BUT THIS IS NOT THE POINT; THE POINT IS TO MAKE A FUN CC VIDEO FOR THE VIEWRS :D (yea i now i speall it rong #YOLO :p) gona play CC i will hope that sombody gives me a idea any idea like making a video whit a another youtuber of you guys or anyting like that :D welp hope to heardyou soon

(And hope not to get warned for being a 50-50 part question part video promotion i dont now anymore :p memes)

Pls dont punch me (lol) but im searus i dont now if this go here or not this is a 50% that im rigth *gulp* welp hope to hear your ideas
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