JOIN MY NEW CLAN!!!!!!!!!!

I made a new clan called Shop Squad, its a clan where you can be different ranks with different tasks.
Miner- Mine resources and blocks for clan members for money or trade
Shopper- Find cheap items, buy them, and sell back to the clan for a little bit more c than what originally bought for so it can be sold in clan member shops
Shop Expert- Very smart and helps out other clan members with prices, designs, and anything clan members have a question about
Employee- These are the most rusted people in the clan, they will help out with peoples shops, and have a cash register in my new Resource Shop, and might get perm if trusted and doesn't scam or trick other players
Shop Leader- Only I am the shop leader for now unless and trustworthy, loyal, and respectful person comes around and I think that they deserve the spot of being the Shop Leader

If you want to join the clan then comment saying that you want to join so i don't have 50 different people adding me and me not knowing if they want to join or not. Comment and add me: -Kaigen-
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