Share your love!

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Compliment, or wish the player good fortunes above you! even strangers!

For example,
Player A: You are very kind!! I hope you have a wonderful day! ^_^
Player B: Player A, I love the way you build! they are admirable! keep up the good work!
Player C: I don’t really know you, But i love your pfp. i’m a huge Marvel Fan! :)


Now go on! & spread positivity! ^_^!


  • I will start from here,
  • Idk what to wish but at least a good thing :>
  • DoodleDogDoodleDog Member
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    your name sounds sweet. have a great day :D
    maybe move this to community? :P
  • I love kraakens. They live on sea and are so cute.
  • I love.... avalanches... even though they are "cold" hearted and deadly
  • Hey Horizoner! I don't know you but I love what you wrote on your Hobbies section :) your pfp is also cool- graphics design is a skill I admire very much!
    I hope you have a wonderful summer!
  • TamTam, I think you know what I'd compliment you on- your art. But also despite not really knowing you well, I can tell that you're a lovely person with a good heart and well... we stan.

    Continue being a star <3
  • Eloquence The most pretty and nice qbee i meet on game
    she have a personality that other people didnt have <3

  • LopaikoStyle , u look hot
  • Fake you valkyrie noob <3

    No homo ddd
  • Aaaaa Claw my friend! You are a nice guy and an awesome friend :D, you're always nice to me! :D
    Don't worry, our co-shop will be finished one day!!
  • Alvin!Alvin! Member
    Muah lol
  • alvin i hope you get the best gf ever
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