TF- Maze Of Your Choice!

The Tape Family And Who Are we?
We are an actual family that makes events. All this was “FlexSeals idea” ScotchMagicTape Just makes these things possible. MiniFlexTape Assistant Founder.

About The Maze! And how to get the prize!

The maze has 3 paths, one is true that leads to another realm and there will be 2 guest bumpers, only sign your name on one of these numbers. You will notice the prize is a black umbrella and a reindeer pet. That is the top prize. Above it said 2 guest bumpers. I will put in everyone’s name in a name generator. The name that is chosen will get the Black Umbrella And reindeer pet.

Deadline: July 3rd. Prize given Out July 4th Or July 3rd by the end of the day.


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